Friday, August 14, 2009




new pin and festavle of flight

hi guys theres a new pin at the mine and check out the festavle of flight okay the green propeller hats are at the plaza if your a member you can go to the tallest moutain in a hot air balloon and get a jet pack check out the ice berg and when you dance with the jet pack and the propeller hat you fly well thats it bye

Thursday, August 13, 2009

how the boorex cp fun team met

hey guys this is the story how the boorex cp fun team met:madman and searing:2003:one late winter day I went to the christmas prade my mom saw my nebors so we went and stood with them our nebors had two kids a 2 year old named madman and a 4 year old named searing we had a snow ball fight madman now is 7 and searing now is 9:yellowwicked:2006:me and yellowwicked met at school one day when I didn't know anybody:jasper:jasper met meone random day when she moved to my school:well thats it bye
more coming soon

party items

hey guys its boorex I discovered something on cp today some new things in the newspaper a green propeller hat cp has not made one of those yet mabey that will be the new party item and check out the jet packs I wonder what those are for well will find out tomrrow bye

Monday, August 10, 2009

boorex QA part 3

Q:what is your favorite Michel Jackson song
A:um I HATE MICHEL JACKSON hes creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy
Q:are you home schooled do you go to a private school or do you go to a public school
A:everyone on my blog is public schooled exsept pink109 she is going to a private preschool
Q:whats your favorite meal at mcdonalds
A:I heart chicken nuggets
Q:whats your favorite videos made by you on you tubee chicken pox and the three gummy bears videos
Q:whats your favorite famouse penguin

the beach part 2

the next morning I woke up and got ready then we went to a nearby town and went biking we went up a hill and then turned went up some more hills soom we were above a big river then we turned around went back to the room and went paddle boating then I went back to the room and went to bed

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the beach part 1

hi its boorex and I want to tell you about my trip to the beach Aug 4-8:my mom picked pink109 and me up from kwii lime and bloodfist83's house we went to the car wash then got gas then we got a phone call from my moms boyfriend he said that him and the others missed the turn so they turned around well my mom pink109 and me went to my moms boyfriends house to pick up leasemores phone charger then we heeaded th the hotel we got there 45 minutes later I went to wal-mart with pink109 my moms boyfriends girl and her friend then we went to safeway to buy some food then we went back ate supper and went to bed